I’ve been a screenwriter since 1999, when I wrote my first feature script “Conflict of Interest,” a sports drama about a college basketball player who gets involved with a gambler during the NCAA Tournament. (And it will never see the light of day. It was TERRIBLE.)

Thankfully, I’ve become a better writer since then. I’ve written or co-written a number of feature screenplays, and a TV script too. Here are a few of them. Feel free to read them, and if you’re interested in making any of them, let’s talk! Just click on the link to pull up the PDF.

(Note: All scripts have been copyrighted and registered with the Writers Guild of America.)

Written by Marty Lang

Logline: After Bridge and Casey sleep together, Casey finds out he may have herpes, so he tries to get Bridge to go with her to Planned Parenthood – but Tutu won’t let either of them leave her house until everyone finishes the family meal she made.

SMILF 3 Lbs Pasta and Stein Iced Tea 2 – website

THE PHILOSOPHER (historical drama)
Written by Marty Lang and Brian Trent

Logline: The world’s most brilliant woman battles against an Archbishop for the minds of ancient Egypt, set against the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria. Based on the novel “The Lady Philosopher” by Brian Trent. (GLADIATOR meets THE DA VINCI CODE)


THE FLOWER JOB (action comedy)

Written by Marty Lang, Brian Trent and Damian Dydyn

Logline: A depressed hitwoman, mired in her quarter-life crisis, takes one last job before retiring from the family business and starting a career in the corporate world.


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