A little publicity …

It amazes me how many podcasts and sites exist for independent film now. They’re great ways for filmmakers to get their projects out in the world. It’s also a great way to impart some knowledge to the world, about what you’ve done, and how people can make better films, or work more efficiently. I’ve been interviewed for 2 podcasts, a Web series, and wrote a blog post for an indie film site, this past month. Thought you might like to check them out.

First, I was interviewed for the Dave Bullis Podcast, featuring (you guessed it) Dave Bullis. You can listen to that here:


Then, I was invited to speak on the Film Reverie podcast, with Michael Bekemeyer and Bradley Kingston. This one was cool; we talked for over an hour about crowdfunding, and how filmmakers can work with their local communities to build audiences. (And I talked about my first theatrical experience, acting in my first short play!) You can listen to that here:


My old student Cory Maffucci, who has his own production company (!) called CineSlinger, invited me to be interviewed for his indie film Web series, THE HOT SET. Cory was my cinematographer on my short film PROTESTERS (which you can see in my Directing section), and we talked about the inspiration for that film, and how we went through the process of making it. Here’s that video:

And finally, I was asked by the wonderful RB Botto at Stage32.com to write a blog for their community. I was able to write something for their community about working in film production outside of Los Angeles. If you’re looking to break into the business, maybe this blog can help! Check it out:


Hope you enjoy them! And if you have an indie film podcast or blog that needs a guest, let me know! 🙂