I have extensive print journalism experience, with my work appearing in the New York Times, Hartford (Conn.) Courant, Fort Myers (Fla.) News-Press, Filmmaker Magazine, and Script Magazine. Here are some of my pieces:

New York Times profile of actress Amy Brenneman:

New York Times article on countering anti-gay bias at the University of Connecticut:

Filmmaker Magazine blog on what independent film can learn from the Occupy movement:

Script Magazine article on how acting can help your screenwriting:

Film Courage article on how independent film crowdfunding campaigns can learn from political campaigns:

I have also done broadcast work as a film expert, talking about the film industry and current events surrounding it, as well as hosting film-related conference events.

I was on FOX Connecticut, talking about the Sony hacking scandal, and subsequent postponing of the release of the Seth Rogen/James Franco film THE INTERVIEW:

I moderated the “Movers and Shakers” panel at the 2013 Connecticut Film Industry Mixer, with producers Barry Katz (GOOD LUCK CHUCK, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH), Joe Young (DIAMOND RUFF) and Anthony Ambrosino (ALMOST HUMAN), and author/makeup artist Norman Bryn.

I also did an interview with WFSB-TV about my film RISING STAR, and its upcoming screenings in Hartford.

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